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At CCB, we know the importance of having access to your accounts at anytime, from anywhere. That’s why we’ve provided simple, secure ways to manage your account, place a claim, and report a payment.

Using industry-leading software, CCB has made it possible and easy to stay on top of outstanding balances at all times.


Our online portal allows existing clients to check account balances, report payments, transfer files, extract reports, submit new placements, and communicate directly with the collector handling your account! Log in now to manage your account.

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New Client? Existing Client? With CCB, it’s easy to place a claim. Fill out the form below and CCB will start working the claim upon receipt.

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Commercial Collection Bureau
149 Thompson Ave E.
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West Saint Paul, MN 55118
P: 651-340-0730
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License # CA-20581061


I hear folks say, “You can’t get blood out of a turnip,” and then I ask them, “Have you met the collection professionals at CCB?” I’m impressed with CCB’s ability to recover accounts that most would deem uncollectible. They are fair, but firm and have a knack for getting to the root of problems. CCB is exceptionally successful at collecting past due corporate accounts. You won’t find a more trustworthy and effective agency to handle your B2B collection needs. Unequivocally I recommend CCB.

Gregg KDirector at Digital Media Firm

CCB collects where others fail.

Jeff PCredit Manager at Construction Supply Firm

CCB is the best collection agency I’ve hired. Their results are superb, their rates are fair, and they communicate well with us and our customers.

Elaine AOperations Manager at Software Firm

Believe it or not, before my firm was a CCB client, we were placed in collections at CCB by one of our vendors. Long story short, the debt belonged to an entity that had gone out of business due to a fire, but the fact CCB did their due diligence and figured out the relationship between the out of business entity and the holding company told me these guys really know what they’re doing. Since then, we’ve placed plenty of business with CCB and I know if they can’t collect it, nobody can!

Chris BRecycling Firm