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At CCB, we specialize in full-service B2B debt collection. Our effective, streamlined business model was developed using the best practices of both US and European collection agencies, making us one of the most effective commercial collection companies in the industry!

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Our Process

Our positive, collaborative approach has allowed us to collect on over 88% of in-business accounts. We offer the best rates in the industry, and our process ensures that you are paid directly by your clients – and that you get paid first

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Client Center

Our online portal allows you to check account balances, report payments, transfer files, extract reports, and communicate directly with the collector handling your account. Our secure, user-friendly client center is available to you 24-7, making it easy for you to manage your accounts!

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Don’t wait another day to file a claim and restore momentum to past-due accounts. Contact CCB – one of the most respected names in the industry – today. Our collections experts are ready and waiting to help you begin this process, regain control of accounts, and move your business forward.

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Commercial Collection Bureau – Problem Solvers. Recovery Experts.

When you run a business that has hundreds of accounts, it’s essential to get your receivables collected as quickly as possible. We know that it’s nearly impossible to move forward as a company without containing costs.

That’s why, at Commercial Collection Bureau, we’re committed to making sure you get paid first.

CCB works with businesses like yours across the United States, offering affordable and simple ways to collect large and complex B2B claims. Whenever possible, our streamlined approach passes the cost of collection onto your customer’s past-due accounts making it possible for CCB to collect your receivable at little cost to you!

Don’t let unpaid balances bog down your bottom line. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation! 651-340-0730

Success Story

A financing company placed a debt for an office equipment lease that had gone into default. Unfortunately, the lessee corporation had gone out of business and no assets remained for creditors. Moreover, the underlying equipment/collateral was nowhere to be found. Reviewing the financing agreement, our collector found there were two personal guarantors (PG) on record. One of the PGs filed bankruptcy. The other PG had not filed a bankruptcy petition, but the client was unable to locate him. Our Research and Investigation Department was able to locate the ex-wife of the PG and she indicated the PG was living in China. We uncovered business and cellular phone numbers for him in China and spoke with the gentleman. He indicated the company was defunct and there was nothing he could do. We reminded him that he had a personal guarantee on record and he insisted he had no money or assets due to the poor performance of the defunct company. The collector let him know he was examining his credit report as they spoke and based on his BMW, Porsche, $5 million dollar home in San Francisco, CA and his vacation home on Lake Tahoe, the collector found it hard to believe that he had “no money or assets.” The guarantor laughed and said, “You got me! What can we do to get this resolved?” A wire transfer was received to resolve this balance that many would have deemed “uncollectible” given the out-of-business status of the corporation, personal bankruptcy of one of the guarantors, and the inability of many to locate the other guarantor.

Success Story

A commercial real estate company placed a past due balance in collections resulting from the reconciliation of common area maintenance (CAM) charges that took place after the tenant had vacated the premises. CCB tracked down the tenant and he indicated he was out of business. Tenant referred CCB to his accountant and then to his attorney. CCB found the principal of the business was still liable as per the terms of the lease and explained the same to the accountant and the attorney. The attorney noted nothing would be paid voluntarily. CCB’s client then reached out to CCB and requested that CCB not pursue the matter any further as the tenant’s attorney had contacted the client directly and insinuated a lengthy and costly legal battle would ensue if the balance was pursued via lawsuit. CCB advised client that the balance was valid and due as per the executed lease and supplemental documentation and it would behoove client to allow CCB to continue collection efforts. Through tenacity and tactful persistence, CCB was able to negotiate a sizable settlement on the disputed balance with the tenant’s attorney. Client noted: “Wow, impressive. Great job!”

Success Story

A construction supply company placed a balance in collections consisting of a large number of “disputed” rental invoices for various materials/equipment used on a jobsite. The customer claimed the braces were picked up in January of last year, but client “erroneously” continued to bill them for the rental. As such, the customer was only willing to pay for the invoices through January of last year. CCB’s client noted the rented materials were never picked up from the jobsite or delivered back to client. To prove its position, the customer sent pictures showing a truck picking up the materials roughly one year ago and provided contact information for a city employee that took the picture. CCB contacted the city engineer to ensure he hadn’t misspoke and made an error when entering the date of the picture in his email. The city project manager confirmed he did in fact take the picture over 12 months ago (last year). Through further due diligence and examining the picture very closely, CCB found the truck that picked up the rented materials didn’t belong to CCB’s client, but to the client’s competitor! The customer agreed to pay the balance on the invoices through January of last year and to see what it could do on the balance. CCB continued to pressure the client’s business customer and the guarantors on the account to pay the entire remaining balance due as the client’s customer was ultimately liable for the materials until the materials were returned to client. CCB was able to get the client paid in full and the client’s customer and competitor reached an agreement on how to pay client for the mishap.

Success Story

3% Collection Fee?!?!?

A medical device manufacturer placed a $10,000 balance in collections that was 284 days past due. The client hoped CCB would be able to recover the $10,000 less CCB’s corresponding contingency fee (20% in this case) to net $8,000. Client was beyond pleased when they netted $9,700! CCB promptly reviewed the client’s credit application and found that the customer agreed to pay all costs of collection and interest of 1.5% per month on balances not paid within terms So, the total balance CCB pursued was $13,400 ($10,000 principal, $2,000 collection fee, and $1,400 interest). CCB immediately contacted the client’s customer and explained a total balance of $13,400 had been placed in collections and needed to be paid. Shortly thereafter the customer submitted payment for the total balance. CCB’s collection fee was 20% of the principal amount recovered or $2,000 (that’s 20% of $10,000). CCB's fee on the interest and fees recovered was $1,700.
So, on a balance of $10,000 placed in collections, our client netted $9,700 or 97% of the principal balance they placed for collections ($13,400 recovered less $3,700 equals $9,700). One of the many benefits of partnering with CCB for your b2b collection needs is the possibility of CCB recovering your debt at little cost to your firm!

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I hear folks say, “You can’t get blood out of a turnip,” and then I ask them, “Have you met the collection professionals at CCB?” I’m impressed with CCB’s ability to recover accounts that most would deem uncollectible. They are fair, but firm and have a knack for getting to the root of problems. CCB is exceptionally successful at collecting past due corporate accounts. You won’t find a more trustworthy and effective agency to handle your B2B collection needs. Unequivocally I recommend CCB.

Gregg KDirector at Digital Media Firm

CCB collects where others fail.

Jeff PCredit Manager at Construction Supply Firm

CCB is the best collection agency I’ve hired. Their results are superb, their rates are fair, and they communicate well with us and our customers.

Elaine AOperations Manager at Software Firm

Believe it or not, before my firm was a CCB client, we were placed in collections at CCB by one of our vendors. Long story short, the debt belonged to an entity that had gone out of business due to a fire, but the fact CCB did their due diligence and figured out the relationship between the out of business entity and the holding company told me these guys really know what they’re doing. Since then, we’ve placed plenty of business with CCB and I know if they can’t collect it, nobody can!

Chris BRecycling Firm