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About Commercial Collection Bureau

With more than 30 years of experience in collections in a variety of industries, Commercial Collection Bureau (CCB) is one of the top agencies in the United States. We specialize in recovering large dollar and complex claims.

We believe that most of your clients want to pay their balances, and we will help them do that – while getting you paid first.

Our consultative approach to business and our extensive network of partners allows us to work with your customers to find practical ways to address their debts. The end result? You get paid, and your customer relationships remain solid. In fact, we’re able to recover payment on over 88% of in-business accounts!

Trusted Partner for Collections

At CCB, you will have total confidence in our qualifications and expertise. Our agency as a whole and each of our individual employees are licensed through the Minnesota Department of Commerce. CCB is also fully bonded. We are successfully recovering dollars from anywhere our clients and their customers are located – worldwide!

Each of our collectors have business backgrounds and are trained to identify the reasons debts have not been paid. We then work with your customers to provide solutions to their business problems. This consultative approach to collections enables us to collect more of your money faster. We are experts in collections and business relationships!

A Unique Collections Model

At CCB, our goal is to recover your funds quickly and with as little cost to you as possible. We offer the best rates in the industry, and those rates are frozen as soon as you place your accounts with us.

We also take a collaborative approach to the collection process, working with your customers and with our network of vendors to help make it possible for them to pay you. This process ensures that you retain a good relationship with your customers, get paid directly by them, and that you get paid first. Learn more about our unique and effective process here.

Innovative Technology

At CCB, we use industry-leading technology to provide user-friendly and secure access to your accounts from anywhere at any time. In addition, our virtual collector makes collections simple and straightforward for your customers.

Visit our Client Center now to see how easy it is to manage your accounts with CCB!

B2B Recovery Expertise Across Industries

During our 30+ years of experience, CCB has recovered claims in a variety of industries. We are experts in the following areas:

  • Aerospace Collections
  • Chemical Collections
  • Commercial Insurance Collections
  • Computer and Office Equipment Collections
  • Construction Collections
  • Communication Equipment Collections
  • Commercial Leasing Collections
  • Crop Insurance Collections
  • Cybersecurity Software Collections
  • Data Analytics Collections
  • Defense Collections
  • Digital Media Collections
  • Financing Collections
  • Government Collections
  • Hardware Collections
  • Industrial Machinery Collections
  • Internet Services Collections
  • Marketing Collections
  • Medical Device Collections
  • Medical Software & Supplies Collections
  • Medical Equipment Collections
  • Mining Services Collections
  • Oil and Gas Collections
  • Packaging Collections
  • Pharmaceuticals Collections
  • Real Estate Collections
  • SaaS Collections
  • Scientific Equipment Collections
  • Software Collections
  • Telecom Collections
  • Textile Collections
  • Transportation Collections
  • Utilities Collections
  • And More!

See why CCB is one of the leading collection companies in the nation. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. 651-340-0730

Contact Us

Commercial Collection Bureau
149 Thompson Ave E.
Suite #214
West Saint Paul, MN 55118
P: 651-340-0730
F: 651-305-4015

License # CA-20581061


I hear folks say, “You can’t get blood out of a turnip,” and then I ask them, “Have you met the collection professionals at CCB?” I’m impressed with CCB’s ability to recover accounts that most would deem uncollectible. They are fair, but firm and have a knack for getting to the root of problems. CCB is exceptionally successful at collecting past due corporate accounts. You won’t find a more trustworthy and effective agency to handle your B2B collection needs. Unequivocally I recommend CCB.

Gregg KDirector at Digital Media Firm

CCB collects where others fail.

Jeff PCredit Manager at Construction Supply Firm

CCB is the best collection agency I’ve hired. Their results are superb, their rates are fair, and they communicate well with us and our customers.

Elaine AOperations Manager at Software Firm

Believe it or not, before my firm was a CCB client, we were placed in collections at CCB by one of our vendors. Long story short, the debt belonged to an entity that had gone out of business due to a fire, but the fact CCB did their due diligence and figured out the relationship between the out of business entity and the holding company told me these guys really know what they’re doing. Since then, we’ve placed plenty of business with CCB and I know if they can’t collect it, nobody can!

Chris BRecycling Firm